For Post AI Era, we reflect on human rights including copyright
Jaeseung Jeong | KAIST, Professor
The AI equivalent of Copyright is necessary
Toufi Saliba | IEEE IPAIS, Chair
Artificial Intelligence, Copyright, and the Motion Picture Industry
Ben Sheffner | Motion Picture Association, Senior Vice President
Ethical Issues and Copyright Problem in Generative AI
MyuhngJoo Kim | Seoul Women's University, Professor
AI Image Generator and Copyright issues
DongHyuck Im | Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Principal Researcher
Copyright and Generative AI Language Models in U.S. Litigation
Matthew Sag | Emory University Law School, Professor
AI-based Watermarking Technology for Copyright Protection
Innfarn Yoo | Google LLC, Senior Software Engineer
On the Evolution of Digital Contents Industry as Game Change
HyunSil Ahn | Seoul National University, Visiting Professor
New Era of Contents Creation In Generative AI
SeGyu Kim | Vivestudios Co., Ltd, CEO
Creating a Digital Twin of the Brain
JinHyung Lee | Stanford University, Associate Professor
Generative AI Avatars Leading the Change in the Digital Age
Ruby Wang | Emotech, Creative Product Lead



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