A. Yes, please fill out the onsite registration form and we will issue you a name badge. Thank you for your interest and participation.
A. Yes, the conference will be broadcast live on "Copyright TV," the official YouTube channel of the KIPO, and the presentations will be edited and uploaded after the event.
A. The proceedings will be released on November 1 (Wednesday), the day of the event, in the form of a PDF file (downloadable) through the website. Thank you for your understanding.
A. Yes, the tutorials will be held at the same venue, Ararum, and you are free to attend as you please. Please note that the presentation will also be broadcast via ZOOM for online participants.
A. A meal will be provided for onsite participants. If you are seated after the opening ceremony, you will be served at your table.
A. For online participants, please see in the notice. (https://icotec.or.kr/eng/2023/p4/c1/?no=6)



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